January 19, 2017

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Changing shareholder ID with technology: Why I joined Q4

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I’ve been providing shareholder ID services to global listed companies for over a decade. I recently joined Q4 by way of acquisition of CapMark Clarity, the company I founded five years ago. Q4’s ascension as the fastest-growing provider of web-based IR and capital markets solutions has been nothing short of remarkable, and I’m so excited to be joining this winning team.

With this acquisition, the European market will now have access to the industry’s leading shareholder ID, web, and mobile IR solutions.

At Q4 we are not just another “me too” provider: our approach to IR solutions is personal, agile, and comprehensive in a way that is challenging existing best practices for everyone who communicates with investors.

At each stage of my career, two guiding principles have underpinned any success: challenge existing best practices to set even higher standards and relentlessly strive to deliver insights over information. We will continue to operate on these same principles — but now, with Q4’s cutting-edge tools and technology at our disposal, we expect to push the boundaries of shareholder ID and market intelligence further than ever before.

Challenge existing best practices

I began my career in IR with Capital Precision Ltd., a startup that challenged the conventional methods of shareholder ID by relying on information from nominee companies rather than front-office portfolio manager contacts. Similarly in Australia, where issuers and service providers are reliant on Bloomberg and Miraqle to conduct peer ownership reviews, my team at FIRST Advisers challenged existing best practices to deliver three times greater coverage of peer company share registers than was possible through alternative methods.

At Q4, we will take on every challenge in a bid to level the playing field for IROs, empowering  them with the same types of technology and tools as the buy- and sell-side have. We are already doing this in the North American market using machine learning to analyze and extract actionable intelligence from massive capital markets datasets. Now we look forward to bringing the same capability to the European market.

Insight over information

Shareholder ID is increasingly seen as a commoditized service, and this perception is further endorsed by service providers that churn out and deliver data without mining the information for meaningful insights. For instance, when a shareholder sells stock, what might have triggered the sale? What was the impact on company share price? Who were the buyers and what is their history with the company, if any? How does this impact your next shareholder meeting or IR strategy?

These are exactly the sorts of insights our clients can expect from Q4’s ID service and desktop.

Smart technology to solve problems

“…we are going to use AI [artificial intelligence] to basically make a second Industrial Revolution.” – Kevin Kelly, founding executive editor, Wired

Smart technology is changing the world. With the Q4 Desktop, tech has the potential to have a similar impact on IR and capital markets. We are now offering a solution that has never been available to the European market before: a fully integrated platform that uses natural language processing and artificial intelligence to make it easier for IROs to act on vast amounts of information.

If you’re an IRO, imagine having your very own SIRI or Google assistant that can answer your questions before you even ask them. This is the future of technology in IR, and you can catch a glimpse of it already with Q4 Desktop.

I am truly excited to be a part of the Q4 vision and look forward to bringing our many innovations to the European market. Thanks to Q4 for the warm welcome!

Amit Sanghvi is the founder and CEO of CapMark Clarity. Follow him on Twitter @4mits.


Amit Sanghvi

Written By Amit Sanghvi

Amit Sangvhi is the senior director, international advisory at Q4. Based in London, UK, he’s passionate about how technology can change the face of shareholder ID in Europe.

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