December 6, 2016

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Scott Brownhill

Q4 Desktop Release: How we made Q4 Desktop more effective for IROs

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At Q4 our aim is to understand and simplify the customer journey. When considering new features for our investor relations desktop, we try to break them down by their themes and goals. We imagine a task an IR professional needs to accomplish. We walk through the task, and we deconstruct its steps. Along the way we ask ourselves: Are any of these steps pain points for an IRO? Can we render steps more seamless or perhaps remove some altogether? Can we introduce tools that will save time and provide more information? How can we level up on what our competitors are offering — and offer even more?

Q4 Desktop’s latest release streamlines an IRO’s workflow. We’ve automated several steps in the process to save time, and we’ve doubled up on the layers of information we provide for better success measurement. We couldn’t be more proud of this release and how Q4 Desktop now helps you be more effective and work smarter throughout your day.

Improved targeting workflow


Q4 Desktop automates steps in the targeting process.

For the latest Q4 Desktop release, we focused on the platform’s targeting features, specifically the information we provide on our tear sheets and briefing books. With a completely new design, our tear sheets now offer more information on the drivers behind your stock’s ownership. Combining relevant meetings and events with position changes and historical share price performance, our tear sheets help you better understand investor behaviour and trading patterns. With this information at your fingertips you’re able to improve the productivity of your buyside outreach and engage with investors at the right time and with the right message.

When we first launched Q4 Desktop back in June, we were very focused on providing information. We continue to do so with every release, with the added priority of ensuring your workflow runs as seamlessly as possible. We’ve made it easier to save and export targeting results while introducing new filters and features for finding potential investors.

Seamless activity logging


Import and export activity easily with Q4 Desktop.

We’ve eliminated steps for you by making it easier to import and export activity records and schedule upcoming meetings. We’ve added new abilities for sorting and logging notes, meetings, and phone calls, and we’ve introduced automated e-mail logging, allowing users to message their contacts from the platform while simultaneously logging the activity record.



Understand how the sell-side views your company, peers, and industry.

Q4 Desktop provides you with an improved understanding of how the sell-side views your company, peers, and industry; enables you to source research documents on your own company as well as your peers; and stay up-to-date with alerts for changes in recommendations. Users can also access to research documents from a multitude of firms, from independent research specialists to bulge bracket banks.





To our customers: thank you.

Our ultimate goal is to release new features that are in high demand. We’re always listening to our customers about changes we can make, big or small, that have a significant impact on how they work. We can test new features as much as we want on our end, but our best testers will always be our customers. So thank you for your ideas, and keep them coming. We’re not even close to finished with making Q4 Desktop the best product it can be.

Over the past six months, Q4 has rolled out a number of critical features. We have a complete list here.

We’re committed to continuing to build out Q4 Desktop to be the strongest IR platform in the market. Call for a demo today.

Scott Brownhill is a Product Owner at Q4 and leads the management and implementation of Q4 Desktop features. He’s passionate about innovation in tech and user-first approaches to product development.

Written By Scott Brownhill

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