August 24, 2016


Lorena Reyes

Your Q4 Desktop Just Got Stronger. Now With Estimates & More.

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We know that in order to succeed in today’s complex capital markets, you need to translate data into actionable intelligence. That’s why the launch of Q4 Desktop back in June was so critical. Q4 Desktop is the industry’s first all-in-one, easy-to-use intelligence and communications platform that gives you the tools, the insight, and the information you need to make strategic decisions and strengthen your investor relations.

What’s new with Q4 Desktop?

We’re excited to announce the release of Q4 Desktop Version 1.1 today, with the following new content, features and functionality to help you better manage your IR program:

Q4 Desktop Estimates is now live! Going forward, you’ll be able to access current, future and historical consensus estimates for over 30 fundamental data line items and benchmark earnings results against the expectations of the investment community. Features also include: broker level detail, company issued guidance, comprehensive analyst coverage lists and recommendations and target prices.



Multiple monitor support has been enhanced by allowing the real-time chat window to be undocked from the main application, making it easy to chat with colleagues, analysts or your Q4 client success manager, while navigating to any section of the app.



Ownership tables offer the ability to view institutions, funds & ETFs, insiders and all shareholders, each exportable as .CSV downloads. Institutions can now be expanded to view underlying funds while potential activists are flagged throughout the application. Ownership quality ratings are easier to compare with the configurable sidebar Watchlist.

Complete integration of all stock surveillance and advisory reports, including investor quality ratings, weekly buyer and seller details and historical ownership trends, allows easy to understand quality of capital flow into and out of your stock. Users can quickly analyze ownership trends on weekly basis, by Style/Turnover and comparing against quarterly 13F ownership.

Building and generating reports has been expanded and simplified. Now you can quickly create a Tear Sheet while viewing any firm, fund or contact profile.

The innovative Dashboard natural language market commentary now covers offers end-of-day, end-of-week and premarket statements, answering the question “what’s driving the stock” has never been easier.

Complete coverage of all corporate earnings events and transcripts are now searchable by keyword. For example, searching “Same store sales growth” now returns all transcripts with keywords highlighted for quick reference.

Sidebar Watchlist stock price changes can now be toggled as % or $ amount. When selecting a company in the sidebar Watchlist from a service page, users can navigate to the selected company’s corresponding service page.

We’re committed to continuing to build out Q4 Desktop to be the strongest investor relations platform in the market. This is just the beginning.

To learn more about Q4 Desktop, check out our Desktop video. Or contact us at and ask for a demo today.


Estimates Watchlist Transcripts are now searchable by keyword Stock surveillance and advisory reports Ownership tables Dashboard Multiple monitor support Reports
Transcripts are now searchable by keyword

Lorena Reyes

Written By Lorena Reyes

Lorena Reyes is the marketing coordinator at Q4. As a past client success manager, she’s passionate about keeping clients informed on all the latest digital best practices in IR.

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