April 25, 2016


Lorena Reyes

Using your Homepage to Start Conversations

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Interacting with your online community starts with your website, which is why the design and user experience of your homepage is critical to the success of your visitor’s experience. Homepages must be well designed, visually appealing, and easy to use if traffic is going to be converted into something valuable. But they also must  help a visitor understand who you are and what you do — your corporate snapshot needs to provide the relevant information in one easy location — keeping your visitor on your site, wanting more, and inevitably, following through with your call to action.

At Q4 we understand the importance of good design! We also understand the importance of the homepage, and we work with our clients to ensure that key elements such as design, functionality and content all work together to create a successful user experience.

Our client, Cornerstone OnDemand, stands out as a top player in the field of IR websites. The company’s Investor Relations homepage includes a concise company overview, interesting (and relevant) stats and a crafty summary of quarterly results — making it quick for users to find pertinent information. Company news and social media feeds are also featured, inviting users to join the online discussion, and share important news with the investment industry.

Together, these elements provide visitors an concise snapshot of who Cornerstone OnDemand is as a company, increasing engagement with their stakeholders and ultimately allowing them to control  the direction of their conversations.


Helpful Tips for Designing a Winning Homepage

Not sure how to go about improving your homepage? Here are some helpful tips and best practices:

  • Start by thinking of the content that is most relevant to you as a company and to your stakeholders. Ensure this copy is featured on your homepage in a hierarchy of most to least important — top to bottom
  • Your hero banners are prime real estate. Ensure that the most important content is displayed here with call to actions
  • Think of creative ways to display your information — popular options include interactive modules and infographics — making it easier for users to consume information
  • When possible, include an introduction to your company’s long-term strategy
  • Apply corporate videos when applicable to tell your company’s story
  • Always stay true to your corporate brand
Lorena Reyes

Written By Lorena Reyes

Lorena Reyes is the marketing coordinator at Q4. As a past client success manager, she’s passionate about keeping clients informed on all the latest digital best practices in IR.

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