September 17, 2015

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Q4 Acquires Oxford Intelligence Partners

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Today marks a major step in growth for Q4. I’m thrilled to announce that we have acquired Oxford Intelligence Partners. See the official press release here.

For those of you that don’t know who Oxford is, they are arguably the most innovative provider of market intelligence and stock surveillance services in the investor relations market. Oxford was founded late last year by a former group of analysts at Bloom Partners, who were part of NASDAQ’s market intelligence and surveillance businesses. They left NASDAQ in 2014 and joined up with a group of quantitative developers (aka math geniuses) with the objective of bringing new predictive analytics and next generation stock surveillance to the market.

Since their inception they have created a set of quantitative analytics focused on providing forward looking insights into sentiment, volatility and activism. Earlier this year we partnered with Oxford to bring this predictive data and stock surveillance services to our clients. Since the start of our relationship it’s been a match made in heaven. I can’t understate the synergies between our two groups. I am so excited about the future and the products we are going to be bringing to the market over the coming months.

Oxford joining Q4 helps to accelerate our mission of becoming the world’s leading SaaS provider of capital markets intelligence and advanced communication for public companies and institutional investors.  Oxford’s CEO Adam Frederick will join Q4 as SVP of Intelligence along with his team of best-in-class surveillance experts, quantitative data scientists, floor specialists and programmatic traders. The entire Oxford team will join Q4 with the mandate of delivering the best stock surveillance in the market combined with predictive market intelligence and decision making tools for investor relations managers, the C-suite and institutional investors.

We are very excited to welcome Oxford’s team to Q4 and look forward to continuing to deliver innovative products and best-in-class to all of our clients today and in the future. Stay tuned for our first product launches based on Oxford’s quantitative analytics, due to hit the market very soon.

Please join me in welcoming the amazing team from Oxford and join me in celebrating with a virtual glass of champagne.


Darrell Heaps

Written By Darrell Heaps

Darrell Heaps is the founder and CEO of Q4. He blogs regularly about company growth and the latest in technological innovation for IR.

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Karin Erica

September 17, 2015 at 10:22 am


Welcome Oxford Team to Q4! 🙂

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